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Action. We don't get enough action on DA anymore and I am glad to see an author brave enough to jump face first into it. Writing action...

Bow-chicka-bow-bwow! Introducing the sexiest (and clowniest) villain of all time! You've seen in blow up a hospital, set a city against...


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I Want to Write (even more)!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 17, 2011, 2:05 AM
If you know me, or watch me, then you will well know my incurable addiction to writing. I doubt very much I am the only person on the planet the lives with this condition, but there it is.

Alas, recently my work submitted to DA has been... non-existent. Why? I hear you ask. Well, it's simple really. I am currently caught up writing a novel. Again, I am certainly not the only person attempting to do this, but I am and it is going very well. 50,451 words currently and by my estimate roughly a third of the way though.

But my book is no excuse to slacken off on deviantart. In fact, I think it gives me all the more reason to connect with other writers and artists alike as well as write and develop my skills as a wanna-be-author. Presenting my short pieces here and taking part in contests has already vastly improved my writing skills as you can see in my gallery.

And so we come to the crux of the matter; I pledge to keep writing on deviantart, to improve my skills and to continue to surprise myself. May every 'fave' be well won and comment true.

Also, I must admit, my change of worldly location back to the country that I call home has rattled my writing schedule a bit. But I won't bore you with the details.

But enough about me: I'm going to go and find myself some new faves! :D Yay!

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I stub my toe on the doormat of most countries, spend and unseemly amount on comics, and get smacked in the face by a disproportional number of film directors.

One day I will be a footnote at the bottom of a history text book. Ignored by all save a brittle-brained professor, an adventurous coffee stain, and a small snail who will eat through the flimsy paper with the thoughtfulness a supercomputer.

And because this page looks empty with but two paragraphs here is a third containing no information useful or otherwise but serving to flesh out a decidedly flesh-less statement. Pointless as it may be I have decided this paragraph is my personal favorite.


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deym bruh, der b a lota gold here on DA, u a piff writer yow, hope u'z keep layin dwn da gud shiz... :3
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Wow:) your DA Profile is hard core pro MissPixie.

I'll put yah on the watch List :)
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Happy b-day!
Enjoy ur b-day!:iconrainbowcakeplz:
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